31 March 2012

Beautiful Things (The A-Z Blogging Challenge)

Last year I posted some music by Gungor from their album titled Beautiful Things. Listen to the title track here, or go to their site: Gungor.

I was blessed with that very CD at Christmas. During that time, I was pondering the A-Z Challenge and what I could possibly post about every day. The music, the idea behind it all, and the overall theme for my blog helped me come up with this: an A-Z list of beautiful things. I'll be reflecting on what I see as worth thinking about and what is worth our attention.

Through Solzhenitsyn I was given this quote from Dostoyevsky, "Beauty will save the world." I believe it. What is beautiful points us toward God, toward wholeness.

And so April will be dedicated to this challenge; the challenge to post every day, and the challenge to see beauty in what is all around us. It's there, let's look together!

20 March 2012

Quick Update

I'm not gone,
I'm not upset;
I haven't forgotten,
I haven't let go.

I'll write again - I promise.
The fact is, I am writing,
Just come back in April...

07 March 2012

IWSG: What You Have to Write

Once again, thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for hosting the IWSG! This event came just at the right time for me - I need some support, and I hope you find encouragement in my words.

Forgive me if I've said this before - no, don't (I was told never to apologize for what I write or how I write it. After all, if I think it's worth it, someone's bound to agree). And maybe it's important enough to hear over and over again; it's this: listen to that burning inside your heart before you write.

Don't you remember? The whole reason you started writing in the first place? Right now I'm at a point where I haven't done much writing, even on this blog, for quite a while. I think July of last year was the last time I worked on my MS, or even looked at a proposal and query letter. That's wearing me out.

05 March 2012

Rumors of Spring

Out of death comes life. Sleeping birds awake
And hunker down no more, of the sunlight,
Of the warm air they chatter, believing
Winter gone. With them all creation lifts
Its voice; new light too summons new green, new
Life. Yet we wait for color in earnest,
For the threat of ice to go; even so:
The earth tilts its ear, the sun whispers "Spring!"

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