27 September 2010

Why Reflect?

The main reason for this blog: to reflect.

A life that goes by without reflection is a life blurred. When I look back, I pin meaning to my life, see what I missed and how to move forward meaningfully. Each time I stop and look around, I move forward with a slower step.

This is why I love poetry so much. Poetry makes its reader roll each line on the tongue, reread and search for meaning. So much of what is in the bookstore these days is meant for consumption - read, buy, read, buy. Hello Kindle! 100+ books at my fingertips, but which one to read first? Oh, I wanted that one too...


Somehow blogging misses the mark too, and this is why I've put off having one for so long. Most blogs seem to be written by people who would be better served to write less, read and reflect more. So, yes, I'm a bit two-faced. However, I'll compensate by writing only when I can write a post that I can think about and mull over for a few days (at least). I think it was Eugene Peterson that said (to paraphrase), read (scripture) like a dog eats a bone - savor it, make it last.

In the spirit of the most interesting man in the world: "Read slowly my friends!"

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