19 December 2011

It's an Elizabeth Taylor Christmas!

Who am I kidding? What I really love, LOVE about Christmas is not the family gatherings, not the lights, the trimmings, the trappings, not new sweaters, not those cute nativity scenes. No, it's really Elizabeth Taylor - especially like this:

An oldie, I know, but such a goodie! Doesn't this just say, "It's Christmas!" to you? It's the hair that gets me, the hair plus the poker game; I just love a hand of poker after I rip open my brand new bottle of cologne!

When all the romance starts oozing out of the television, I know, I KNOW it's time to celebrate the birth of the King! It used to be the Chia Pet, now it's this:

Oh, the striking reality of it all just makes me sob. It's almost like they took a page from my playbook on how to sweep my wife off her feet! (Don't they know the most romantic thing a man can do for the mother of his children? Let her sleep! Really, a couple extra hours on the weekend speaks volumes! Especially if you douse her pillow in Ralph's Polo Romance first.)

Really, though, let's get serious about Christmas. Okay, just one more. The commercial to follow is going to set the standard for Christmases to come:

Eat your heart out Elizabeth - when did you ever give 7 billion presents?

Merry Christmas!

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