17 April 2012

O is for Ocean

is for Ocean.

Most of our planet is ocean, and we have explored very little of it. The other day I heard a story on the radio about James Cameron's adventure to the deepest part of the Pacific. He dove seven miles and filmed what I can only imagine to be incredible footage - I can't wait to see what is actually produced from it.

I grew up within driving distance to the Pacific, and I have vivid memories of exploring the beach and the water. The power of the waves is still with me; wiping out on my boogie-board was sometimes painful, but after a while I figured out it's best just to let the tide take over. Being rolled by the waves in this way is actually a fond memory, like wrestling with your dad - he may throw you around a bit, but that's what you wanted anyway! I love diving under water too, so I didn't mind if a couple waves held me down.

It's the life too - the teeming life in the ocean that makes it so beautiful. If you ever get the chance to explore a beach at low tide that is usually submerged, you must. A few years ago some family and I went to a spot in Oregon where the low tide traps 100s of creatures; if you're careful, you can step from rock to rock and observe things that would feel comfortable in a science fiction movie.

I have to at least mention the food - I could eat seafood every day for the rest of my life.


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*Picture credit: planetgreen.com


Annalisa Crawford said...

I love the ocean - not keen on swimming in it, but sitting beside it and listening is one of the simplest pleasures. I hope I never have to live far away. I always want to be within a 20 minute drive.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! I love the ocean and sadly live far away now. I live in a VERY windy state and often pretend its the ocean I'm hearing when the wind is at gale force! Thanks for the memories:)

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful....but dangerous as well. When I was about 12, I got caught in an undertow, and my sister saved my life. I'll never forget it. She almost died as well.

Nothing lulls me to sleep like hearing the waves of the ocean on the shore, though. :)

Judy said...

I grew up within minutes from the SoCal beach and that's what I miss most now. The smell of the ocean is incredible. Sitting on the beach early in the morning looking out at the great blue expanse is breathtaking. Ah, now I want to go visit!!

Matthew MacNish said...

I grew up near the Pacific too, but it was in Seattle, so usually it was too cold to get in the water.

Alex said...

I'm curious to see if we'll ever discover the origin behind the massive underwater sound code named the "Bloop." The ocean holds many secrets!

Kaye Draper said...

Beautifully said. I lived in Florida for 4 years, and I instantly fell in love with the ocean. I miss it so much! I was never one of those crazy sun seekers- I wanted to be in the water. Growing up in Michigan, you could only be in the water for so long because it was always cold. In the ocean I could swim all day. The water temp sat around 90degrees all summer. I loved my boogie board too- as an adult (dork!).
Now I sit here and it's still at or near freezing most nights in the middle of April, and think...why? Lol.

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