03 April 2013

Dystopolis: 1.3

arrion birds circled the street. As soon as Adam saw them, he put up his hood and pulled on black gloves. One more stop, he thought, one more stop and I'll never walk these streets again. The few things he needed would allow him to sustain himself for a long time, maybe the rest of his life.

"And Zoe," Adam's lips mouthed the words. She was waiting for him - in the same chair, looking out the same window, nursing the same drink. Adam sighed. If only she would talk to him, or see him, that would make everything much more tolerable.

A crow flew past and landed on a stoop just ahead of Adam. It cawed and made eye contact. Adam crossed the street, looking back at the bird. A tricycle tripped him and sent him sprawling into a hedge of overgrown bushes. He pushed himself up and felt the crow before he heard or saw it; its black wings lifted as it called and called. Adam kicked at it, but it wouldn't fly away.

"Go! Get out of here!" Adam stood and ran around the next corner where he knew he could get inside the hardware store he was headed to. Flapping wings, talons, a blackness seeking for his face. He yanked on the handle of the glass door; it closed and he tried to catch his breath.

The bird retreated to a shopping cart outside. It opened its beak and Adam turned away.


Check out the rest of the A-Z crew here! And come by tomorrow for 1.4 of "Dystopolis."

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Margo Kelly said...

Love what you're doing with the challenge letters! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Happy April!

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog today. I love your pseudonym, and the reasoning behind it.

Did you ever get your agent? Are you still actively querying? Have you tried http://www.agentquery.com/
I read one of your encouraging Insecure Writers posts too. Excellent! I'm a new follower and hope you'll come back to see me.

Love the story you have going here.

Man O' Clay said...

Margo, it has been too long since I've made the blog rounds. It's good to be back!

Jess, thanks to you, too! No agent yet, but I did submit to another publisher this week. I'll try the site you recommend - thanks!

James R Tate said...

Hangin in there with you. What are you seeking publication for? No doubt, you've caught the reader's interest with this piece. Is this new or something you've been working on? WAIT! I see something about how you got the idea. I'll check it out>

Man O' Clay said...

I'm trying to publish a short book that's a bit like Wind in the Willows...Dystopolis is new; I'm writing on the fly. Glad you're enjoying it.

tmycann said...

A spooky beginning to what's reading like an interesting story.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

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