04 April 2013

Dystopolis: 1.4

arkness fell in sheets across the dusty tiled floor. Adam picked his way toward the back of the store, his flashlight guiding him. There wasn't much on the shelves, and he ignored what was left. Finally, he saw the generator. It was bigger than he'd remembered, and he had no idea how to get it back to his house.

Adam cursed. "No plan, I came all the way out here with no plan." He picked up a screwdriver and threw it. The clang it produced made Adam shine his light to see what he'd hit. There was hope! He climbed into the forklift and tried to start it. "Please, please let this work!" After several fruitless efforts, he slid off and walked around looking for any clues as to how to start it. He laughed when he saw the propane tank on the back. As soon as he opened the valve, he knew it would start.

The headlights on the forklift lit up the generator and he scooped it up easily. He would have to exit through the back of the store - "All the better," thought Adam, and he tried to erase the memory of the crow perched outside. He whistled as he looked for his last item; the ax glowed blood red in the dim beam of the flashlight. He grabbed it and hustled back to his new ride.

The warehouse behind the main part of the store was even darker, and the light from the forklift seemed to be all there was that existed. Adam turned a corner and saw streaks of daylight through large double doors. He pulled them open, jumped back on the forklift, and drove into blinding light.

It was several moments before he saw them - the waiting black birds, watching his every move.


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James R Tate said...

Since your main character hasn't spoken to anyone--besides himself--I'm thinking he's alone in the area he's at. It got me to thinking. Will he eventually just stop talking all together? Get tired of conversing with himself? Or will he continue to want to hear his own voice? I've been to several caverns in west Texas and have experienced total darkness. it is said that after 3 months or so, you could go blind because your brain recognizes that you no longer need your eyes and shuts down the optic nerves. I know talking would be a choice, but I'm just wondering how long before you say the heck with it. No ones listening.
There! stupid thought for the day! I got it out. Now I can move on.

Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

Like James, I'm wrapped up in your story and imagining all sorts of things. See you tomorrow!

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