05 June 2013

What's Up Wednesday: 6/5

The What's up Wednesday meme/bloghop is hosted by Jaime Morrow and her sister Erin Funk. Take a look at what they're all about, what they're writing, and what they're reading - and then take a spin on the hop yourself!

What I'm reading


My wife and I are still reading Quitter, by Jon Acuff. We are both enjoying the encouragement and the practical advice he shares about following our dreams.

I'm also working on a daily Psalm and 1 Corinthians, too.

What I'm writing


"Dystopolis" is live on Amazon and is only $0.99! Read a preview beginning here to see what you think, and then download the story! Any feedback is always appreciated, and if you're so inclined to write a formal review on Amazon, I'd say thank you (and try and return the favor)!

I've put my book down for most of this week to work on updating my blog and to write a guest post on the A-Z blog. I'll let you all know when that's happening.

Also, check out my post for today's IWSG! It's titled "Fill in the blank."

What else I've been up to


We are beginning the painful process of painting our house. Sigh.


What inspires me right now


A young mother of three just lost her husband to complications of brain cancer last week. They had been fighting the cancer for about six years and he'd had a least four surgeries and tons of chemo. Our community is in shock, and so is she. What is inspiring is her reaction to it all. She is so strong in her faith, and is using this as an opportunity to share that faith. At the funeral she was able to stand up and talk about her husband and what he was about. That alone tugs at my heart. Please pray for this family - she is strong, but the coming days and weeks will push her and her children to places they've never been.


Jaime Morrow said...

That is so sad about the woman losing her husband (and the kids their father). I'm always amazed by people who show such grace under very difficult circumstances.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

How tough for that family. I can't imagine and I feel fortunate that many of us won't have to know that kind of pain. It is wonderful that she can use this as an opportunity to grown stronger in her faith, and in turn share that with others. Good luck with your book (and that house painting-- ug!).

Mrs. Silverstein said...

Wow, what an amazing example of strength in the face of something so difficult. Thank you for sharing her story. Best of luck with your own endeavors this week!

Erin L. Schneider said...

You are so correct, the coming days / months for your friend and her children, will definitely push them to places they've never been before. Loss is never something easy to handle, but having the support from those all around you (and even those who you don't even know!) makes all the difference.

Best of luck in painting your house, too - this is no easy task and not one I think I could take on myself!

Very nice to meet you through What's Up Wednesday - I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

Miss Cole said...

That woman sounds very strong and I'm really glad to hear she's got a whole community to support her. I can't imagine what that kind of loss must do, but I know I wouldn't want to be alone.

Good luck with the house painting!

Alexa said...

That poor family, I just can't imagine how you get through something like that. It sounds like they live in a wonderful community though, that will look out for them.

Sara Biren said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the young woman who lost her husband. We had a very similar experience - a former neighbor struggled with a brain tumor for four years before losing his battle a few months ago. He and his wife have twin boys. Life has been very different for them and will be for this mother now, too. I'm glad to hear that she has the support of her community.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Erin L. Funk said...

What a difficult situation for that young woman and her kids. I'm sorry to hear about her loss, and hope she'll continue to be strong in the days to come. I'm glad to hear she has the support of others to help her face this.

Hope the house painting turns out to be less of a chore than you're expecting. We still have house renovations to get done after much procrastination, so I understand your reluctance. :)

Samantha said...

Oh that's an awful situation for the young woman and her kids. So awful :( Amazing that she was able to stand up at the funeral.
Good luck with your writing this week

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